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Sat 5 March 2016 (16h00)

Untitled #1




The Untitled series (#1-#5) are dance pieces created collectively by choreographers Iris Karayan, Maria Koliopoulou, Mariela Nestora, Katerina Skiada and Kostas Tsioukas.
The choreographers have been creating works of different styles and aesthetics and methods independently over the past years. Their work has been primarily funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and has been presented in Greek and European festivals.
This project was instigated by Mariela Nestora and these choreographers were brought together on the grounds of quality and difference rather than similarity. The common ground is that they are Greek, based in Athens.
The Collective Choreography Project -Untitled series is an experiment of collectively choreographing of a solo, in which 4 choreographers choreograph and one is performing, taking turns until all of the choreographers have been the performer.
The project’s intentions are to question whether different movement languages and processes coexisting lead to a new ways of creation, to share methods, to create a framework in which a creative dialogue between artists develops and to observe whether and how this experience affects the work or methods of each choreographer individually.

Mariela Nestora was born in Athens. She studied Biology- B.Sc., Queen Mary and Westfield, followed by a M.Sc. at St.Mary’s Medical School, Imperial College, in Human Molecular Genetics. Then she went to London Contemporary Dance School for dance and choreography and completed her studies with a diploma on Visual Design for Dance at the Laban Centre. She worked as a performer and lighting designer for various dance companies. She started creating works with YELP danceco. and she has been commissioned to choreograph for films and videos. After ten years in London she moved to Athens where she choreographs for YELP danceco. and works in theatre as a movement director. She has collaborated with several theatre directors at the National Theatre, the National theatre of Northern Greece, the Municipal theatre of Patras, The Epidaurus Festival and the Greek festival. She is also a Feldenkrais practitioner. She is currently choreographing and performing in stage, site specific and public space projects. She also instigated the Collective Choreography Project CCP and the blog

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Salle de répétition, Le Quartz

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Chorégraphie Iris Karayan, Maria Koliopoulou, Katerina Skiada et Kostas Tsioukas
Interprétation Mariela Nestora
Costume Dora Ikonomou
Musiques The National Fanfare of Kadebostany