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Wed 14 March 2018 (18h30), Thu 15 March 2018 (22h30), Fri 16 March 2018 (19h00)

TERÇA-FEIRA: Tudo o que é sólido dissolve-se no ar




Cláudia and Luca have constructed a visual narrative, using a line to tell the story of a ten-year-old boy, whose grandparents were expelled from Palestine and then from Lebanon, who travels from Syria to Italy. In parallel, they have created a sound narrative, with the noises of this escape. All of this, including Cláudia and Luca’s bodies, is non-verbal, precisely to avoid preconceived ideas. And the text, rather than coming from the mouths of the actors, which would create a false sense of identification with refugees, is projected on the set, in order to underline the distance that separates actors and refugees.

She is a choreographer, performer, and teacher whose work has been presented at theaters and festivals in Portugal and abroad. She began her dance training at Academia Almadense and Companhia de Dança de Lisboa. She later studied Contemporary Dance – Performance at Forum Dança and holds a Master’s degree in Performing Arts from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She began her career as a dancer with Grupo de Dança de Almada and was part of the artists’ collective Ninho de Víboras. She collaborated regularly with Re.Al, where she performed with João Fiadeiro and was an important part of the development, systematization, and transmission of the Real Time Composition technique, which she continues to teach today. Her original work include performances such as One Woman Show; Guided Tour; Out of things, things are born; Willingness to Will; and Nem tudo o que dizemos tem de ser feito nem tudo o que fazemos tem de ser dito. Cláudia is currently working on a seven-year project that fights the idea of an absent or precarious future that is painstakingly laid out year after year. Monday: Watch out for the Right, the first of seven pieces to be created every year until 2022, premiered in February 2016.

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Le Quartz, Salle de répétition

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Concept and directed by Cláudia Dias
Guest artist Luca Bellezze
Text Cláudia Dias
Performers Cláudia Dias and Luca Bellezze
Critical Eye – Seven Years Seven Pieces Jorge Louraço Figueira
Set and Lights Thomas Walgrave
Assistance Karas
Animation Bruno Canas
Technical Director Nuno Borda De Água
Production Alkantara
Coproduction Maria Matos Teatro Municipal; Teatro Municipal do Porto
Artistic Residencies Teatro Municipal do Porto/Teatro do Campo Alegre; O Espaço do Tempo, Centro Cultural Juvenil de Santo Amaro – Casa Amarela
Acknowledgments Ângelo Alves, Anselmo Dias, Ilda Figueiredo, José Goulão, Jorge Cadima, Paulo Costa

The project SEVEN YEARS SEVEN PIECES is supported by Câmara Municipal de Almada

Alkantara – A.C. is funded by: República Portuguesa | Cultura/Direcção-Geral das Artes e Câmara Municipal de Lisboa