Fri 4 March 2016 (18h00), Sat 5 March 2016 (17h00)

Self Made Man



For this solo, I had two dreams : Be a man.
Build something with my own two hands.
Build (myself).
Set up for you a body, a place, an utopia.
Make a polyphonic et metamorph creature, make my body become a vessel of the unknown, the alterity.
Create a space to be what doesn’t have space to exist.

In Self Made Man, I interlace movement, talking, singing, and deploying the scenography in real-time. In articulating these multiple practices, I try to consider the stage as the place of a possible handcraft, as an open manufacturing studio. A free, blank space, dedicated to the making, directed by a self-taught, handyman, intuitive spirit.
Worksite for one body and one space, Self Made Man celebrates the fragile balance between the time of making and the time of contemplation.
It’s about construction. It’s about destruction. It’s about reconstruction. Of the body, of the sound, of the images, of identity, of a home, a language, a relation to this world.
Self Made Man is a polyphonic score for a lonely self-taught person.
It’s the birth of a language, a language of surviving by recreating the self.
It’s the slow and progressive realisation of a deep utopia.

Nina Santes began her career as a puppeteer. She aquired a DEUG degree on Stage Arts at Paris University. She then received technical training in Toulouse and Montpellier.
In 2006, she joined Coline Formation and performed choreographic works by Odile Duboc, Jean-Claude Galotta and Michel Kéléménis.
Since 2008, she has performed on stage as a dancer in creations by Mylène Benoît, Myriam Gourfink, Catherine Contour, Pascal Rambert, Kevin Jean, Olivier Normand, Laurence Pagès, Hélène Cathala, Perrine Valli, Éleonore Didier and Philippe Grandieux.
In 2010-2011 she collaborated on Transform, Choreographic research program project directed by Myriam Gourfink at the Abbey of Royaumont. With Royaumont and Échangeur- CDC Picardie support, she created DESASTRE with the music composer, Kasper Toeplitz.
In 2013, she developped the research she began with DESASTRE and created a new solo proposal: SELF MADE MAN. In 2015, Nina also created a duo with the choreographer Daniel Linehan, supported by Vif du Sujet SACD program.
In 2016, she wil be creating a new piece, in collaboration with Célia Gondol : A LEAF, FAR AND EVER.
Nina constantly seeks new collaborations, crossing artistic forms in performance, incorporating visual arts, music and fashion to her dance.

infos pratiques

La Chapelle Dérézo

50 min
8€ ou PASS



Conception et interprétation Nina Santes
Scénographie Celia Gondol
Création lumière Annie Leuridan
Consultant musique Thomas Terrien
Consultant travail vocal Olivier Normand
Regards extérieurs Kévin Jean et Mylène Benoit

Production La Fronde
Coproductions L’échangeur CDC Picardie ; Théâtre de Vanves
Partenaires L’échangeur CDC-Picardie ; le CDC-Toulouse ; Micadanses ; le CND-Pantin
Ce projet reçoit le soutien de la DRAC Ile-de-France dans le cadre de l’Aide au Projet 2014 ; de la Spedidam | Nina Santes bénéficie en 2014/2015 et 2015/2016 du dispositif d’accompagnement A.V.E.C mis en place par le Théâtre de Vanves ; Arcadi-Pôle Ressources ; le Bureau Cassiopée.