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Night is the first part of the new trilogy around the theme of love of this young Lebanese choreographer. He talks about complexity of passion and all the different possible forms of love. The work of Ali Chahrour is based on stories, legends and lyrical poetry of Arabic cultural heritage and explores our attitude towards this feeling and different ways of expressing it in our modern society. How can the body and its movements transcribe lyricism of Arabic poetry? On stage with two musicians, a singer and a dancer, Ali wonders about the sense of this feeling nowadays and about the violence it can often take shape.

At the Institut national des Beaux-Arts in Beirut, in which Ali Chahrour enrolled in 2008, “dramatic dance,” the only choreographic training available at the university level in Lebanon, is taught as a second-year class as part of the dramatic arts curriculum. In that class, he caught the eye of his professor, Omar Rajeh, who hired him in his company. As a student, Ali Chahrour participated in numerous internships and workshops, in order to diversify his approach to movement. During that time, the young dancer learned to “struggle to create,” and sketched his first show, On the Lips Snow, a duo about the end of love, which he presented in Beirut and in the Netherlands in 2011, shortly after graduating. The following year, he created Danas, which “studies the everyday violence to which the body is subjected,” the beginning of an aesthetics he then began to build on, “without compromising,” in the social, political, and religious context that is his: a rejection of the formatted bodies of western contemporary dance in order to showcase a corpus “that has forgotten the great stories of the Arab world.” His latest creations, Fatmeh and Leila’s Death, question Shiite rituals and their contemporary transformations.

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Chorégraphie et mise en scène Ali Chahrour
Performance Hala Omran, Aya Metwalli, Simona Abdallah, Sharif Sehnaoui et Ali Chahrour
Musique Sharif Sehnaoui, Simona Abdallah et Aya Mitwalli Adaptation de texte Hala Omran et Junaid Sarieddine Dramaturgie Junaid Sarieddine
Création lumière et direction technique Guillaume Tesson
Son Khyam Allami
Costume Ahmed Amer
Directrice de plateau et assistante à la mise en scène Haera Slim
Directrices de production Christel Salem, Haera Slim
Graphisme et Communication Be-kult
Photographie d’affiche et de brochure Gilbert Hage

Production Ali Chahrour
Responsable Presse Rita Basil
Co-production Company Zoukak, the Arab Arts Focus
Avec le soutien de Stiftelsen, Studio Emad Eddin et Ford Foundation, Fonds de dotation du Quartz Brest, Zurich Theatre Spektakle.
Co-commission par Fisher Center, Bard.
Soutien Fabrik potsdam.
Leil a été développé en partie, au Sundance Institute Theatre Lab au Maroc et a bénéficié du soutien du Post-Lan Support Initiative.
Partenaire média Al Akhbar, l’orient le jour, the Daily Star, Magazine le mensuel, Light FM.
Sponsors Mezyan, Onno, Classic Sandwish, Otor Mantour, Faysal, Riwaq, Imprimerie Palais de justice.