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Thu 28 February (19h00), Fri 1 March (19h00), Sat 2 March (19h00)

Maintenant oui




Dancer and choreographer Gaël Sesboüé, founder of the Compagnie Lola Gatt in Brest defends the minimalist approach of movement as well as in its form as in its essence. Maintenant oui will see four dancers repeat on a loop a choreographic score. Firstly, following to the letter and in a very factual way the exact formulation and later reinterpreting it several times alone or with the others, using this or that dramatic character in a very theatrical sense of the word.

Gaël Sesboüé (born in 1974) is a dancer and a choreographer who works all over France and particularly in the area of Brest where he lives. In 1983 he starts post-modern dance with Maribé Demaille. He follows her educational courses for 10 years in the town of Crozon in Finistère, France. At the same time he continues to train alongside Mirjam Berns, Carlotta Ikeda, Dominique Bagouet, Angelin Preljocaj, Régine Chopinot, Jean Cébron, Catherine Diverrès... From 1985 he creates about 10 short plays and from 1995 he begins his performer’s career and participates in the artistic projects of Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau, Tamara Stuart-Ewing, Christian Bourigault, Cédric Gourmelon, Christian Rizzo, Xavier Le Roy... The artistic research of Gaël Sesboüé turns around strict use of dancing body basics through the body-space-time triptych. He stands for minimalist movement approach as well as in its form as in its essence. This junction reflects the specificity of his creations, connecting an abstract, drawn body with a subtle and restraint opening towards imagination. Always keen on new experiences and meetings, his career is largely influenced by a multidisciplinary approach and the "codes" of contemporary art. This malleability can be found in his various projects and workshops with schools, universities, people in social inclusion process or with disabilities. These projects are a place for transmission, awareness and creativity. They offer the participants a sensitive experience of the accession to reality between concrete spaces, imaginary projections and symbolic representations. Finally since 2013 he is interested in new forms of dance distribution and concentrates on in situ representation of performative projects in museum spaces or exhibition halls. That is how he works with the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury, the Contemporary Art Centre Passerelle in Brest, the André Malraux Modern Art Museum in Le Havre, the Contemporary and Modern Art Museum in Strasbourg.

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Le Mac Orlan



Concepteur et directeur artistique Gaël Sesboüé
Danseurs Carole Perdereau, Annabelle Pulcini, Jérôme Andrieu, Alexandre Thery
Dispositif sonore Vincent Raude
Création lumières Bénédicte Michaud
Chargée de production Marion Cachan

Production LOLA GATT
Coproductions Le Quartz – Scène Nationale de Brest en partenariat avec Le Mac Orlan - Ville de Brest et Danse à tous les étages.
Partenaires Centre culturel de La Ville Robert – Pordic, Micadanses – Paris et l’Echangeur CDCN des Hauts de France dans le cadre de « Studio Libre »

Ce projet a reçu une aide à la création de la part du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Bretagne, de la Ville de Brest et du Conseil départemental du Finistère.

La Compagnie Lola Gatt est soutenue par la Région Bretagne.