Fri 1 March (17h43), Sat 2 March (15h43)

La Spire



With Le Fourneau, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public

La Spire is an imposing line structure: a horizontal roll-out of a spiral with thin steel ropes that form three buckles of seven metres diameter and eighteen meters long. Conceived as a drawing in space, it helps to feel the surrounding emptiness as well as the scenery in which it is set. A majestic web of wires under an ordinary sky. In this interlacing Chloé Moglia invents some kind of a game and connection between five aerial performers who are led by a live musician and vibrate in an amazing human constellation.

Born in 1978, Chloé Moglia grew up amongst ceramic artists, nurtured by the interactions between earth, water and fire. She trained in trapeze at ENACR (École national des arts du cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois) then at the CNAC (Le Centre national des arts du cirque), before beginning training in martial arts. With Mélissa Von Vépy she founded Cie Moglice - Von Verx, subsidized by Languedoc Roussillon. Together, they worked several years on sense and the imaginary driven by aerial disciplines, and created several shows: Un certain endroit du ventre (2001), Temps Troubles (2003), I look up, I look down... (2005). In 2007 they were rewarded the SACD des arts du cirque prize. In 2009 she based her new association Rhizome in Brittany, and received funding from the Brittany DRAC, the departments of Finistère, and then Morbihan, and the BNP Paribas Foundation. The last few years, Chloé Moglia has integrated her practice of martial arts into her artistic development and from an experimental point of view inscribed her face-to-face with the empty space. This confrontation generates sense, and offers silent questions that form the foundation of her shows and performances. She created as solo shows: Nimbus (2007), Rhizikon (2009), Opus Corpus (2012) Horizon (2013), and as a duo with Olivia Rosenthal, Le Vertige (2012), as well as several performances. In 2013, with a larger artistic team (sextet), she began a new process of creation called Aléas, which premièred successively in 2014 and 2015, in Reims, Rennes and Marseille. In 2014 she directed the 19 students of ENACR, in a show titled Infinitudes, and created show for three, Absences pour la Nuit Blanche-Paris. In 2016 she directed Ose, with three young performers. She is currently working to create LA SPIRE for public spaces, which will premier over Summer 2017. As choreographer, Chloé Moglia worked with Cie Fattoumi Lamoureux and participated in work on weightless movement with Kitsou Dubois (2000-2009). She collaborated with Stéphanie Aubin, choreographer for les Etonnistes #2 et #3 (2012 - 2014). She is currently collaborating on a creation with INOUIE – Thierry Balasse (2018).

infos pratiques

Les Ateliers des Capucins

50 min



Direction artistique et scénographie Chloé Moglia
Les suspensives Mathilde Arsenault-Van Volsem, Fanny Austry, Anna Le Bozec, Mélusine Lavinet Drouet et Chloé Moglia
Création musicale live Marielle Chatain

Coproduction CCN2 Grenoble avec le Pacifique, Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble ; La Scène nationale de l’Essonne, Agora-Desnos ; Plateforme 2 pôles cirque en Normandie - Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf ; Le Festival Scènes de Rues à Mulhouse ; La compagnie Rhizome est en résidence au Théâtre du Fil de l’eau / Ville de Pantin avec le soutien du Conseil Départemental de Seine Saint-Denis ; La Maison de la Musique de Nanterre ; Espace Malraux - Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie > Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro
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