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Sat 7 March (17h00)


Léo Lérus


Coming from the bosom of the Israeli Batsheva Dance Company or English Wayne McGregor company, Léo Lérus frees himself from his glorious elders to develop his own
personal and sensitive writing using Guadeloupean traditions and technology. He is inspired by the festive and popular on his island traditional musical performance Lewoz that dates back to the slavery period. He revisits these musical and dancing jousts where percussionists must follow the pace of a dancer, picked up from a crowd and put in the middle of a circle. In collaboration with a sound designer he develops a fresh look on the influence of dance within the sound and light environment. Rhythm and extent of the movements, body contacts and body instabilities... everything participates
in the groove without being demonstrative but with enough of modernity to prolong the Caribbean musical community. Entropie is a humanist and a deep-rooted play filled up with the creole unifying spirit.

infos pratiques

Le Mac Orlan




Chorégraphie Léo Lérus en collaboration avec les interprètes
Interprétation Ndoho Ange, Maëva Berthelot, Léo Lérus, Shamel Pitts
Concept musical Léo Lérus, Gilbert Nouno
Dispositifs interactifs sonores et lumières Gilbert Nouno
Création lumière Chloé Bouju
Costumes Ingrid Denise
Regards extérieurs Clémence Galliard, Michael Getman, Julien Monty

Production déléguée L’Artchipel, Scène nationale de Guadeloupe
Coproduction Théâtre 71, Scène nationale de Malakoff ; Compagnie Zimarel
Avec le soutien de DAC Guadeloupe ; Adami ; Onda ; Conseil régional de la Guadeloupe ; la Ville de Sainte-Anne
Projet ayant bénéficié du dispositif de résidence « La Fabrique Chaillot » - Chaillot, Théâtre national de la Danse