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Fri 3 March 2017 (22h30), Sat 4 March 2017 (22h00)

Dance & Resistance


Chili, Autriche

[Endangered human movements vol.2]


The performance series Endangered Human Movements deals with dances and cultural practices that are in danger of disappearing or already extinct. These dances were practiced in commonality articulating reciprocal relationships between humans, with animals and plants, the weather and the environment. The second volume of this series called Dance and Resistance focuses on dances that were considered “ritual“ by the anthropologists of the last century. The dances re-embodied in the performance were banned, persecuted or even distorted beyond recognition in order to accommodate and serve the goals and purposes of colonization and Christianization. The piece explores the potential resistance of the body in the current context of neoliberal market economy and the increased privatization and depletion of natural resources.

Amanda Piña studied Physical Theatre in Santiago de Chile, (Jacques Lecoq methodology) and Contemporary Dance and Choreography in Barcelona (AREA), Salzburg (SEAD) and Choreographic centre Montpellier (direction Mathilde Monnier). In 2005 she founded the company nadaproductions based in Vienna together with visual artist Daniel Zimmermann.. She collaborated with choreographers such as DD. Dorvillier, Ewa Bankowska, Magdalena Chowaniec, Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn, Christine Gaigg and Andrei Andrianov, among others. Her main interests are new ways of working with text, video and movement in the context of contemporary Theatre and Dance. Always testing new possibilities of playing with the theatre conventions and the audience involvement. Her work as choreographer / director formed the tetralogy Self, You, WE, and THEM followed by IT, TEATRO and NATURE recently presented at Theatre Brut in Vienna. Amanda is also co-founder of nadaLokal, an independent art, music and performance space in the 15th district in Vienna.

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Direction artistique : Amanda Piña en collaboration avec Daniel Zimmermann
Chorégraphie et interprétation : Alma Quintana, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, Amanda Piña, Linda Samaraweerová
Danseurs invités : Solanghe Enriquez Barrios, Liam Spaenjers et des invités: Tom Robin Le Dilosquer, Maéva Coppel, Delphine Termini, Yolande L’helgoualc’h, Isabelle Leizour, Nathalie Jacquoilleot, Zoé Jaffry, Carole Garinet, Oan Sorin, Solenn Caroff, Myriam Martinez, Guillaume Pellay, Annie Pigny
Sources chorégraphiques : Yaqui, Mayo, Navajo, Gertrud Bodenwieser, Mixtecs-Mexicans, Mapuche Huilliche, Hanna Berger,TabiteueaIslanders-KiribatiRepublic,TrobriandIslanders, Tenek,Sakkudei
Composition, percussions et musique live : Shayna Dunkelman & Christian Müller
Lumière : Victor Durán
Scénographie et projections : Daniel Zimmermann
Assistante chorégraphe : Paula Chaves
Conseiller à la dramaturgie : Angela Vadori
Conseiller artistique : Quim Pujol
Costumes : Francesca Aldegani, Anke Philippe
Production et recherche : Sarah Blumenfeld pour

Production :
Coproduction : De Singel International art campus, Tanzquartier Wien

Le projet Endangered Human Movements soutenu par : ImpulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, NAVE Creation and Residence Center - Santiago de Chile, Tanzquartier - Wien, MA7 - Kulturabteilung der Stadt - Wien, BMfB - Bundesministerium für Bewegungsangelegenheiten Österreich, BKA Kunst und Kultur – Bundeskanzerlamt Österreich + Spanski Borci

Tournée :
20 et 21 décembre 2016 > STUK / Louvain, Belgique