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Fri 3 March 2017 (19h30), Sat 4 March 2017 (16h30)

Collection Délirer l’anatomie




"I am currently building a collection entitled Délirer l’Anatomie. It is composed of dancing tributes, along with partition-poems, to the body’s orifices. These tributes are secrets to be revealed which are buried in the potential of our physical constitution. Based on anatomy study, observation and experience, I am looking for hearing the anatomy dreams. And thus dreaming a body, dreaming an anatomy.
Orifice Paradis (Paradise Orifice), a tribute to the mouth, and Rêve d’Intestin (Dreaming the Intestine), a tribute to the intestine, are part of the collection Délirer l’Anatomie."
Ana Rita Teodoro


Born 1982 in Portugal. She holds a Master degree in Dance and Performance obtained at Paris VIII University (2011/2013) in partnership with the CNDC Angers under the Direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. In this context, she started to develop her projects for the collection of pieces named "Delirious Anatomy". She worked with Sofia Neuparth and studies the body through the approches of anatomy, paleontology, and philosophy. She is also trained as a Qi Gong Instructor and holds a degree from the Traditional Chinese Medicine school of Lisbon. In 2007, her interest of the Japanese artist Tatsumi Hijikata lead her to make several workshops and researches around the Butoh, in France, Germany and Japan. For the year of 2015 Ana Rita Teodoro, received a research scholarship from Fundação Caloustre Gulbenkian to continue her studies on Butoh in Japan. Since 2009 Ana Rita Teodoro created solo choreographies - "MelTe" (2009), "Curve" (2010), "Orifice Paradise" (2012), "Intestinal Dream" (2013) and "ASSOMBRO", "Fantôme Méchant, Shade" (2014-15). As a dancer she collaborates with different artists like João dos SantosMartins, Laurent Pichaud, Marcela Santander, among others.

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LE Quartz, Méridienne

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Création 2016
Conception et chorégraphie : Ana Rita Teodoro
Interprétation : Ana Rita Teodoro et Katerina Andreou
Design lumière : José Alvaro Correia
Costumes : Isabel Tomás (amores de Tóquio)

Production : CNDC Angers, (dans le cadre du Master Essai de l’École Supérieure du CNDC) Résidences : La Métive (Creuse, FR), Centre National de Danse, Pantin (FR), Espaço do Tempo Montemor-o-novo (PT) et Companhia Olga Roriz (PT)

Tournée :
23 juin 2017 > Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Santarém, Portugal