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Photos, personal information, geopositioning... Over the past years our personal life became less and less private. With their new creation, Thierry Micouin and Pauline Boyer evoke how the new technologies can weaken the border between what is private and what is public. An installation of fifteen microphone-stands put in circle, some transformed into loud speakers and others into web cams, record every action and every gesture of a dancer. Recorded images and sounds are retransmitted, amplified, twisted and played on a loop.

After studying medicine, Thierry Micouin trained in drama and dance with the Tanztheater Wuppertal team and Peter Goss among others. He was performer for Philippe Minyana, Karine Saporta, Felix Ruckert, Mie Coquempot, Jesus Hidalgo, Valerie Onnis Khelili and Osman. Since 2002 and the creation of the piece Cantieri, he collaborated with Catherine Diverrès as performer and video artist. This choreographer, as Dominique Mercy and Malou Airoudo associated with Tanztheater Wuppertal, are the three fundamental pillars, the founders of his identity as a dancer. They include him in the specificity of a work deeply rooted not only in technique but also on the perception of space, the materialization of time and the deep exploration of memory and imagination.
A new step in his artistic carrer was made when he met Boris Charmatz in 2009. He has created Le Petit musée de la danse, presented as part of the exhibition Brouillon (‘Draft’), and currently performs in its two latest shows, Levée des conflits and Enfant.

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La Carène

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Conception et interprétation Thierry Micouin et Pauline Boyer
Chorégraphie Thierry Micouin
Dispositif scénique et Musique Pauline Boyer
Lumières et régie générale Erik Houllier
Régie son Benjamin Furbacco

Production T.M. Project
Coproductions Manège, Scène nationale-Reims, Scènes du Golfe-Vannes
Soutiens Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC Bretagne, Région Bretagne, Ville de Rennes, Fonds SACD musique de scène