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Wed 4 March 2020 (19h00)

Ainsi sois moi

Olivier de Sagazan



Ainsi sois moi is a play for six performers, and the collective extension of Transfiguration, a performance in which the idea is to use one’s own head as a base to sculpt other faces on it with the help of clay, in the hope of digging out from one’s
depth his real identity and finally make it visible. Olivier de Sagazan is a painter, a sculptor and a performer who wonders about the real nature of a man. By transforming the faces he builds up a sort of fantastic laboratory where everyone passes in turn from Frankenstein to his creature. He uses here his favourite topics: birth, race, reproduction, death. He wonders over and over again about morphogenesis and one’s
identity, about the puppet in the flesh and the puppeteer who says «I», about the sensitive body and the future corpse.

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Le Mac Orlan




Conception Olivier de Sagazan
Interprétation Leïla Ka, Alexandre Fandard, Elé Madell, Shirley Niclais, Stéphanie Sant, Olivier de Sagazan
Lumière Pacôme Boisselier

Production IPSUL avec le soutien du Théâtre, Scène nationale de Saint Nazaire
Coproduction le Pôle National Cirque Grand-Est en préfiguration ; la Ville de Saint-Nazaire ; La Scène Nationale de Saint Nazaire et la Région des pays de Loire ; Le Mac Orlan ;
Avec le soutien du Jardin Parallèle, Reims