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Tue 28 February 2017 (19h00), Wed 1 March 2017 (21h30)





ACAPELA is a project that researches on breathing. It investigates how breathing can affect and, in turn, generate effects on our perception of reality By activating us from breathing we imagine a community connected through the air, where the inside and outside dissolve, where bodies empty out, are displaced, synchronize, hear and communicate from other sources, leading to the possibility to a new species.
ACAPELA is also science fiction.

Javiera Peón-Veiga, born in Chile, graduated in dance at the London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) in London in 2006. Between 2006 and 2009 she deepened her studies of choreography in France at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine d’Angers (CNDC) and at the Centre de Recherche et de Composition Chorégraphiques (CRCC). She was artist in residency in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts and at Le Point Éphémère, as well as in Berlin at Tanzfabrik. She has presented her works “Continuum” (2006), “ /_ || “ (2007), “Can’t take my eyes off you” (2009), “Ejecutando” (2009), “Dobles” (2011), “nosotres” (2012) in festivals and venues in Europe, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile, and collaborated with artists like Sergio Valenzuela Valdés, José Luis Vidal, Manuel Vason, Gabrielle Reuter, Jacqueline Roumeau, Macarena Campbell and Aische Schwarz. She lives and works in Santiago, Chile.

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Direction artistique : Javiera Peón-Veiga
Création et performance : Macarena Campbell, Carolina Cifras, Angélica Vial, Ariel Hermosilla, Emilio Edwards, Claudio Muñoz
Lumière et décor : Antonia Peón-Veiga, Claudia Yolín
Arrangements son : Angélica Vial
Documentation et analyse : Natalia Ramírez Püschel
Assistante : Luna Anaïs Barrezueta

Production : Susana Tello
Acapela a été financé par FONDART 2014 (Fondo Nacional de Desarollo Cultural y las Artes de Chile) et a été soutenu par Ley de Donaciones Culturales de Chile