Wed 2 March 2016 (18h00)

A kind of fierce




“The frenzied hero would be the one who knows how to live the present moment in all fullness and appreciate what happens in the moment that it happens " (Giordano Bruno).
There is a question that always troubles me and that navigates the constant threshold of negotiation between autonomy and authority. Following this obsession, my work became focused on choreographies that call into question the mechanism of instant decision-making. An illusion of free will, no doubt staged, but which produces a constant diving into action. An illusion of freedom.

Kind of fierce is a solo that accepts and enjoys its solitary nature and in which everything starts with this hypothesis, personal in nature : what if audacity, in all its subjectivity, were the key to an experience of freedom? I want to play with possible contrasts in order to emancipate myself from any authority of heritage or futurity. I will invent a dance that fights against the idea of time : a dance-antidote to nostalgia, regret, fear, to fate or even to hope. A dance where everything matters and nothing is important. My own free dance.

After her studies in law in the University of Athens, she graduated from the State School in Athens and she attended the master on choreography ESSAIS in the Centre National de la danse contemporaine d’Angers (CNDC) directed from Emmanuelle Huynh.
She collaborates with the choreographers DD Dorvillier (A Catalogue of Steps, Diary of an image, Extra Shapes), Emmanuelle Huynh (Tozai...!), Lenio Kaklea (Margin Release), Ana Rita Teodoro (Délirer l’Anatomie) and participates in the performance Monumental of the artist Jocelyn Cottencin. She was part of the group TRANSFABRIK, a project on politics of dance festivals in Germany and France intiated Yvane Chapuis et Franz Anton Cramer and she was part of the collectif project Emanticipation in Lafayette Foundation in Paris, a project initiated by Emmanuelle Huynh et François Quintin. She was a danceweber in ImpulsTanz festival in Vienne in 2015.
Her solo Manèges, was presented in France, Germany and New York. Her collaboration project with Jasmin Ihrac and Lynda Rahal, titled Objects of Contagion, was supported by Life Long Burning.

infos pratiques

Studio de danse, Le Quartz

40 min


Conception et interprétation Katerina Andreou

Production Mi-Mai
Avec le soutien du CND, un centre d’art pour la danse, accueil en résidence ; de HONOLULU Nantes, résidence croisée avec PAD Angers et La Métive en Creuse
Remerciements : Myrto Katsiki, Anne Lise Le Gac, Lynda Rahal