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Wed 27 February (18h30), Fri 1 March (16h00), Sat 2 March (17h00)

A Universe Not Made For Us




Can we remain in our proper place when constantly moved by unbelievable violence? In the global context of chronic depression and massive political failures that the world is facing today, Younes and Allami explore a turbulent point in history from a tiny moment in the vast cosmic arena. Through the unorthodox contemporary approaches to their respective Flamenco and Arabic music forms, their unique collaboration traces a confrontation between raw subconscious forces in a landscape of audio-technical vegetation.
Constantly oscillating between differing perspectives, A Universe Not Made For Us is a microcosm of organized chaos, random interruptions, illusions of order and all the while, a haunting and inescapable yearning for stillness.

Yalda Younes initially studied video art before dedicating herself to dance and yoga. She studied flamenco in Spain, mostly with Israel Galván, and later trained in yoga at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India.
Whilst living in Paris between 2005 and 2013, she collaborated with various artists to create differing choreographic performances including; NO (2006) with composer Zad Moultaka, Ana Fintizarak (2009) with musician Yasmine Hamdan, Je Suis Venue (2010) with artist Gaspard Delanoë, choreographed by Israel Galván, and Là, Callas (2013) also with Delanoë.
In her work, Younes extracts flamenco from its cultural background to (re)use it as an avant-garde form of individual expression. She has performed across the Arab world and Europe, and her works have been co-produced with various partners including Antipodes, Dansfabrik, Avignon, and Montpellier danse festivals in France.
She currently lives and works in Beirut, teaching one-on-one yoga classes and returning to dance after a few years of interruption due to chronic injuries.

KHYAM ALLAMI (Iraq/Great-Britain)
Khyam Allami is an Iraqi multi-instrumentalist musician and composer. He began his musical path by studying the violin in Damascus and moved on to guitar and bass before settling as a drummer in various rock bands during his teens in London. In 2004 he started studying Oud with Ehsan Emam in London whilst completing BA and Masters degrees in Ethnomusicology at SOAS, University of London.
Following the release of his widely praised debut solo Oud album Resonance/Dissonance (2011), he travelled tirelessly across Europe and the Arab world performing as an Oud soloist, a drummer in Tamer Abu Ghazaleh’s quartet, co-founded the band Alif and launched his record label Nawa Recordings. He has composed for various theatre and film productions, most predominantly Leyla Bouzid’s award-winning debut feature film As I Open My Eyes (2015).
He is currently studying for a PhD in Composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK whilst working on his second solo album Kawalees, exploring electroacoustic modernist approaches to the Oud and the Arabic maqam.

infos pratiques

Le Quartz

50 min


Danse / chorégraphie Yalda Younes
Musique / composition / conception sonore Khyam Allami
Scénographie Hussein Baydoun

Coproduction AFAC - Arab Fund for Arts Culture ; Le Quartz - Scène Nationale de Brest (FR)
Avec le soutien de Ashkal Alwan et One Hertz Studio