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DañsFabrik, collaborative festival

For 8 years Brest festival, DañsFabrik has been offering a spotlight on the choreographic art. Most of the local cultural players are passionately involved in the Festival. The audience like yourself plays the game and the professionals from all over the world are interested in the event. In other words : nowadays DañsFabrik is one of the key moment on the international choreographic scene. And saying that public is loyal is putting it mildly. Shows, workshops, warm-ups, meetings with artists, celebrations... You are here, you participate, you recommend. You are all welcome! And be even more to discover the choreographic art in all its variety.

For 8 years DañsFabrik has invited foreign curators to use their personal enlightened approach to form a part of the Festival. Thanks to them DañsFabrik tied the bonds with creative centres in different cities around the world. This year it is going to be a pleasure to rediscover the creations of the curators from the previous years. A delicate way to draw a thread through these beautiful artistic stories. And then, we’ll discover the works of « Constellations », the international network of choreographic residency centres connecting five cities around the world: Beirut, Athens, Berlin, Santiago in Chile and Brest.

Let us wish that together with you this year Festival, genuinely international, will spread on our fertile Brest soil and become one big celebration!

  • DañsLab & Meetings

    New living space of the festival, this place is yours! Open to all and every artistic disciplines laboratory, come to practice, meet the festival artists, express yourself freely and just enjoy the pleasure of being together.
    WHAT CAN YOU DO IN THIS PLACE? : Dance workshops open to all and free conducted by the festival artists : from (…)

  • Festival Teaser

    Teaser du festival réalisé par Aurianne Skybyk. Play
    Teaser DansFabrik #13 by Le Quartz, Brest